The Blind Mans Whips


I was 10 years old when I started my first martial arts class. After that I was hooked. When I was 15, by luck or chance I was away   from my home for three months. In my new surroundings I met an old man, who  intrigued me. I would sit for hours watching and learning how to make whips.

Like most of us into whips, you never forget your first one. My first one left a lasting impression on me...I still have the scar atop my head as a reminder. If I wasn’t in one of my martial arts classes, I could be found making a whip, but you would always find one at my side.

A few months before my eighteenth birthday I joined the US Army. For three and a half years my love for whips and martial arts was put to the back burner, while other things of importance occupied my time.

By the age of 25, I was completely in the dark.

After 28 years and studying five systems of martial arts, I have learned a lot. Some of the best things that I have learned were from a whip.

I am Jeremiah S. Espinoza, and I am the Blind Mans Whips.




Whips can be dangerous to use. Use at your own risk! I accept no liability for any injuries or damages caused by the use of a whip on persons, property, or livestock.


I do sell whips for martial arts applications, but, I do not endorse, nor do I condone the use of a whip on a person or animal for any reason! I will not knowingly sell a whip to a customer to be used on another person or animal.

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